The most versatile non-contact and non-destructive ultrasonic inspection technology

Laser-ultrasonics is perfectly suited for both in-line measurements and materials research and development in almost any environment.

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laser-ultrasonic solutions?

Versatile, non-contact ultrasound inspection

Conventional ultrasound requires mechanical contact between the sensor and the target. But no contact is needed with laser-ultrasonics.

Now accessible to ultrasounds:

  • High-temperature products
  • Moving targets 
  • Vacuums
  • Complex shapes

Couplant-free high-frequency ultrasonic

Laser-ultrasonics will easily couple high-ultrasonic frequency bandwidth to most materials, enabling a new range of applications, such as:

  • In-situ microstructure investigation 
  • Very thin coating characterization.

Laser-ultrasonics provides the broadest bandwidth for ultrasonics evaluation.

Easily customizable to complex or challenging NDT applications

Laser-ultrasonics combines the accuracy of ultrasonics with the flexibility of optics. Imaging the laser spots from a distance makes it easier to access tight, narrow inspection zones.

In addition, since laser beams are delivered to the probe via lengthy optical fibres, laser UT systems have the advantage of a long working distance (from source to target). What’s more, control and source components can be stored in a safe environment, while the probe can withstand harsh conditions.


Why choose Tecnar products?

Tecnar is the world leader in developing, manufacturing, deploying and supporting laser-ultrasonic products and applications.

From the laboratory to the plant floor

Laser-ultrasonics does it all, from fundamental measurements of edge wave modes to defect detection in additive manufactured parts. Laser UT, and its properties, is an extra tool for validating theoretical physics models. At the other end, routine engineering problems can be addressed with laser UT. The same equipment can be used all the way from concept proof to industrial demonstration.

Discover R&D laser UT systems

High-quality products with:

  • Proven reliability
  • Unequalled robustness
  • Industrial readyness
  • From OEM units to full turnkey solutions.
Discover industrial laser UT systems

Tecnar’s unique proprietary laser-ultrasonic components

  • TWM laser UT receiver
  • CW detection laser
  • PDL pulsed detection laser
  • Marathon generation laser
  • Durabeam — novel design concept for industrial optical systems.
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Broadest experience in laser-ultrasonics

  • 35+ years in the field
  • 100+ units delivered around the world
  • Unsurpassed industrial experience
  • Renowned support of academic research
  • Several patents in industrial applications.
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The Dream Team

Tecnar takes pride in its people. In the field of laser-ultrasonics, Tecnar has a strong group with a breadth of experience, including microstructure analysis, composite material inspection, and in-situ weld evaluation.

  • 3 PhDs in laser UT
  • 2 Master’s in laser UT
  • Fully trained laser UT service team 
  • Active member of the laser UT community
Meet the team

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