Tecnar’s industrial laser-ultrasonics products

Laser-ultrasonics equipment is now in operation around the world in niche applications where real time, non-contact or high resolution is a game changer.

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Lut 2.0 - Wall thickness gauge for hot seamless tube mills

Tecnar’s Lut 2.0 is the first technology to provide true on-line wall thickness measurements with micron-level accuracy for seamless tube and pipe hot rolling lines.

Plus, it’s the only gauge to fully characterize eccentricity under all plant conditions.

More than 25 systems worldwide

The Lut details the highest level of accuracy, operator safety and reliability, making it the benchmark for seamless tube and pipe hot rolling lines. These units operate 24/7 in extremely tough environmental conditions, such as 100% moisture, 50° C, high levels of dust, and high vibrational stress.

Thanks to the Marathon™, a diode-based generation laser, the Lut 2.0’s optical probe has been entirely sealed, eliminating maintenance needs and making it a rugged, trouble-free unit

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Lumet – Microstructure studies

The Lumet is a laser-ultrasonic module that is integrated with a thermo-mechanical simulator system to characterize the microstructure in real time, relieving the burden of repeated metallurgical analyses.

Live characterization of microstructure evolution

The Lumet is a turnkey system that integrates Tecnar’s PDL (Pulsed Detection Laser), TWM (Two-Wave-Mixing laser Ut receiver) and Durabeam technology for optical beam delivery.

As described in CRNC’s patent (US 7,353,709), operators can evaluate the microstructure using laser-ultrasonics signal processing. What’s more, they can evaluate the variations in microstructure in-situ, for example, to optimize the hot rolling sequence of a new steel alloy. In such a case, the Lumet can characterize the recrystallization time after a controlled mechanical stress has broken the grain structure.

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Weldspector - Inline seam weld inspection

The Weldspector™ is an in-line weld-quality sensor for resistive overlap seam welds and laser butt welds. It is the perfect tool for coil joining in production lines, such as a continuous galvanizing line and/or a continuous annealing line.

Evaluation of weld quality for coil joining

For automotive grade continuous galvanizing lines, a weld break between two coils always causes a dramatic productivity loss. Many technologies have attempted to solve this problem, but with modest success. Tecnar is launching the Weldspector in 2023. This new technology is built for in-line characterization of the weld from inside the welder.

It will provide two critical and very different pieces of information:

  • Lack of fusion along the weld
  • Recrystallization level of the weld nugget.

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