Laser-ultrasonics: Principles and industrial applications

By Jean-Pierre Monchalin, 2008

The paper presents a good review of the different technologies used for laser-ultrasonic detection. It also shows a good survey of different applications, although the figure and pictures may be a bit outdated. Since the publication of this paper, several of these applications have grown. The online wall thickness measurement is now a standard sensor for steel mills. Some applications had, however, more difficulties in getting industrial acceptance. The inspection of composite material for the aerospace industry has unfortunately not been wholly adopted yet.

There are, of course, other papers on this subject such as the seminal papers on optical detection of ultrasound such as by J.P. Monchalin, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, vol 33, Issue 4, p. 485-499l 1986, and by James Wagner, Ultrasonic Measurement Methods, Academic Press, 1990, and the major reference book “Laser Ultrasonics Techniques and Applications” by C.B Scruby and L.E Drain. These however are not freely accessible on the internet and our spotlight prefers to focus on freely available papers.

Finally, full disclosure, Dr. Monchalin was my boss during my time at the National Research Council of Canada. I’ve started work in laser-ultrasonics under his direction, over 30 years ago. So, I may have a favourable bias toward Dr. Monchalin’s paper.

Marc Choquet – Product Leader Laser-UT

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Keywords: laser-ultrasonics, optics, ultrasound, CFRP, additive manufacturing, metallurgy